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Best practices to make your ad more engaging

Engaging and creative ads don’t require expensive equipment or lots of time. Here are six tips to improve the effectiveness of your creative:

Use vertical videos: Use a vertical or square aspect ratio. Most people hold their phones vertically, so you’ll cover more of their screen
  • Use less text on images: When you use text on your image, try a smaller font and fewer words to lower the proportion of text to image. We’ve found that images with less than 20% of text perform better, although there is no limit on the amount of text that you can use in your ad image. Learn more about text on images.
  • Shorten text: People on Facebook and Instagram scan quickly. In research conducted by the Mobile Marketing Association, it took two to three seconds for two out of three for people to see and cognitively recognise desktop ads compared to 0.4 seconds on mobile. Keep your text short, clear and concise to get your message across.
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