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What is the cost of the procedure (CPA)? – Definition

It is an online advertising measure. Shows you how much money you have to pay for a particular action (for example, selling, filling out a form, downloading an ebook). Determining the cost of this measurement will allow you to estimate the number of transfers within the budget.

Cost Per Action is a digital ad payment model that allows the advertiser to be charged only for a specific action taken by a potential customer. All actions covered by the form are directly related to some type of conversion, from subscribing to the newsletter to clicking on the link or selling, which is specified by the advertiser.

The cost of acquisition price is the amount paid when an ad causes a sale (or action).

This means that the cost of acquisition ad price can seem very high compared to the cost of a thousand impressions or CPC. This is because transfers (sales) are relatively very rare.

For example, you book an ad campaign on a website and agree to pay £150 for the cost of earning each time the ad leads to a sale. The site will then show an unlimited number of ads trying to make those sales. You (as the advertiser) will then inform the website of the number of sales made and pay £150 each.

The website will likely show your ads after all ads paid on a cost-thousand-per-click basis. However, it’s entirely up to them to decide how many ads they show. In general, the deal won’t be to make a certain amount of sales, just to try to make as many as possible.

This is the most useful type of trade for advertisers in most cases.

Acquisition cost refers to the cost of one particular action, created by advertising. We can say that this is the average cost of a single potential customer, conversion or sale.

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