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الجزء السادس من دورات مدفوعة بالمجان من منصة يوديمي

محتوى الملف مرفوع على MEGA

محتويات الملف


part 6

– Data analysis real world use-cases-hands on puython

– data structure with puthon

– data visualization in excel .all excels charts and graphs

– deep web – the complete introduction to the hidden web

– delegation 101 – learn how to multiply your time

– design awesome grphics to grab customer attention

– design patterns in java for beginners

– design thinks masterclass

– docker course for beginners

– Easy way to learn arabic

– easy youtube google ads ,marketing and advertising traffic

– Eczema solution- discover the secrets of beating eczema

– Effectibe time management for professionals

– EFT out your addiction to junk food and sugar – BAM

– EFt your Fear of public speaking

– EFT your PTSD and Trauma

– Electronic & electrical services Maintenance & troubleshootir

– English language basics for beginners

– Environmental engineering & artificial intelegence

– ESP32 bootcamp, A step by step practical approach

– Ethical hacking – capture the flag walkthroughs – V3

– Excel powerPivot – Excel Data analysis & DAX for Beginners

– Exploratory Data analysis (EDA) for machine Learning

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