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How To Be A Voice Actor

Radio and television commercials. Movie trailers. Audiobooks. Narrators. Online lessons. Video games. Anime. Cartoons. Instructional narrations. Smart assistants. The list of voice acting jobs is endless, and the voice some producer is looking for somewhere just might be yours. Learn what’s involved in the voice acting business, how to create an awesome demo, what to expect during live auditions, and how to make your mark and become the next award-winning voice actor. We’ll talk about the basics of the voice acting business, so you can “talk the talk.” What is cadence? What does the word “beat” mean on a script? What’s the hierarchy of script development? Learn the answers to these questions and more! We’ll also dig into scripts themselves. Who writes them? Who listens to them? And how what a writer, director or producer is expecting from a voice actor won’t always line up with what you deliver. We’ll talk about preparation, warming up, cold reads, cadence, beats and beat changes, and then explore many different types of voice acting roles and approaches you might experience during your journey to greatness. Finally, we’ll talk about producing your award-winning demo tracks. What are the best practices? What kind of equipment will you need? How do microphones work, and what are the various kinds? How will you get your voice into a digital file you can work with on your computer? It’s not complicated, and don’t worry, it doesn’t need to be overly expensive. So let’s get into this and get you on the road to your new live as a professional voice actor. Break a leg!

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