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Easy Step by Step Guide to New Product/Brand Development

This course covers in detail all the necessary steps you need to take as you develop your product or brand to any Market with the aim to have a successful launch and profitable sales for company or business.

The course will cover the process of new product development in established firms as well as for those starting a new business as enterpreneurs. The content will broadly cover the following topics: Preparations on creating your project teams , COGS, Market Research and Planning,  Product concept and design, Test Markets, Brand Promotional Planning, Sales and Marketing Planning and Market launch planning

Course Content:

Section 1 – Course content introduction

Section 2 – Project Kick off and Preparation Activities including Highlevel COGS, Volume forecast, Consumer opportunities

Section 3 – Product Concept generation & Product specification including distribution planning, price strategy planning, promotional planning.

Section 4 – Concept selection & testing including P&L creation.

Section 5 – Product Market testing Activities including Marketing Planning

Section 6 – Marketing and Sales planning including 5 Year P&L planning and Risks and Mitigation planning.

Section 7 – Launch Planning including Trade launches and Sales team Briefing.

The course is organised around 7 sections with which each has 4-5 lectures with materials offered for download as resources to support your learning process.

This course can be taken at a pace that is suitable to you , and also you can reach out to me if you need further resources, i will be happy to assist.

I wish you all the best, and you have chosen the right course!

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